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  Fiancee' visa, K-1 visa
  K 1 visa, Marriage visa
  k 3 visa, Fiance visas 


Reputation: No other Thailand Law firm or visa service agency has a more solid reputation than My Thai Fiancee'

Guarantee: Full money back guarantee if your visa is denied due to our failure to properly prepare the visa package. This does not include embassy or immigration requests for additional information. Does not include clients failure to provide the information or documents requested.

Our practice is limited to fiancee and marriage visas for Thai girls. We are based in Bangkok. Thai/American/English staff.

USA/UK and other foreign based visa services can not provide the same efficient and accurate visa document preparation that our Bangkok based company can.

Here's why: For US & UK immigration, and similar countries, Thai girls must complete twice as many forms as the gentleman. All visa documents must be translated from Thai to English. Thai girls must provide many more supporting documents, under go a physical examination and appear for a personal interview at the embassy in Bangkok.

A visa service company based outside Thailand can not

* Assist the Thai girl with understanding the information that is required
* Translate forms from Thai to English because they do not have Thai translators on staff
* Personally meet with the Thai girl and assist her with the visa forms
* Speak to her in her native language
* Personally accompany her to the embassy interview and coach her before the interview

You will feel better when you have someone who is able to be with your fiancee and help her through this intimidating process.

Being based in Bangkok enables us to spend time personally assisting the Thai girl, the most important and time consuming part of the visa process. Our service is complete, we prepare all required documents from submission to interview.

We provide complete translating of all forms and documents and we prepare for speed and efficiency. Thai girls must now complete over a half dozen visa forms in English. We translate all the forms and documents. We are qualified to certify the accuracy of the translation.

We provide coaching for the ladies interview, which is at the embassy here in Bangkok, and we will personally accompany her to the embassy. The interview is like the final exam and can count for 100% of your grade.

Immigration laws, visa forms, and visa requirements are constantly changing and we are up to date and fully informed. Our experience is both professional and personal.

People who do it themselves learn if they make one mistake in completing the visa forms they will be required to start over and completely re-file for the visa. This can be very tragic when they want so much to be together.

Save yourself time and emotional distress by letting a visa expert prepare the documents for you. You will be with your fiancee' much sooner.

Dear Brian,

I want to thank you for all your help in getting Dang her fiancee' visa.

When I learned that Thai girls must complete over a half dozen forms which need to be translated from Thai to English, I knew I couldn't do it myself and I couldn't imagine who was going to do this for us.

I also did not believe that the visa service companies based outside Thailand had Thai people in their offices to translate. Some told me that they could get a translator but I didn't have very much confidence in that. I thought it would take extra time and there may be inaccuracies that would cause the application to be rejected. When I found your Thailand based, company I knew you could do the job more efficiently and effectively and provide greater assistance to Dang.

I also learned that Thai girls must also go to the embassy in Bangkok 3 times, get police records, birth records, passport, family ID, physical examination, etc. there is a lot of running around. I was so happy when you were with Dang thru every step. There is no way she could have understood and done this all by herself. The visa service company's I called, which were based outside Thailand, could not have helped her to do the many things she needed to do in Thailand.

Finally, I want to thank you for making Dang more comfortable with her interview at the embassy. She was very nervous about this because she knew how crucial it would be. Your coaching, reassurance, and your own confidence gave her the confidence she needed.

Thanks again and please feel free to share this letter with others who are intimidated and confused by the fiancee visa process, with all of it's complicated and confusing bureaucratic red tape.


My Thai Fiancée Visa Service
160 Soi 8 Naratiwat Road
Bangkok, Thailand 10120
Phone/Fax number 66-2-676-2226




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