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Other Services

If you have any questions please refer to our HELP link in the above menu bar.

Men's Section:  $30.00 for 6 months

You may place an ad with your picture in the Men's section of Thai Ladies. Write about yourself and the type of lady that  you would like to meet. Select the Men's Section for full details.

E- Mail Forwarding:  $5.00 per letter

Letters received by e-mail will be forwarded to your ladies address. This includes 1-jpg picture printed on our color inkjet printer. Additional pictures are $3.00 each.


Translation Service:  $10.00 minimum (refer to rates below)

English to Thai: 

We suggest that if you’re going to use technical terms that may be difficult to understand that you consider having your first letter translated. This helps to avoid problems and misunderstandings, something you don't want to happen when first trying to get to know someone.

Thai to English:

In addition, on your first letter you may also suggest to her that she may write her first letter in Thai to you. This is a very courteous thing to do and it will be sincerely appreciated. You merely suggest that she can send the letter to our office and we will translate and forward it to you.


Translation fee is US 10 cents per word with the minimum charge of US$10.00.

You can calculate the number of words in your letter by using MS-Word - Word Count found under Tools Menu.  After you have calculated the number of words and the total amount, you can then proceed to the Secure Order Form.

After you fill-out the necessary credit card information, scroll down on the order form to section TL-500 Additional Services.  Then, type "Translation (no. of words) and total amount".


Visa Assistance

We recommend the following:

click here


International Phone Calls:

Thai Ladies has made arrangements for discount phone calls to Thailand. Click here for more information.   

Premium Service: $300.00

This might appeal to you if you are too busy or would prefer the more personalized service offered when we make the initial contacts. Here’s how it works.

1. You forward to us as much information/photos about yourself as you like along with the personal characteristics of a lady you would like to meet.

2. We will review our files of all ladies that we think would be a good match for you and forward their information and pictures to you by e-mail.

3. You select the ladies that appeal to you and we’ll contact them on your behalf. We start by preparing a personal letter to each lady along with your picture telling her all about you. Since we know each lady, letters will be written in such a manner as to stimulate her interest to contact our office. Then, we have a chance to discuss you in greater detail and answer any questions that she might have. In turn, we can clarify them or send you an e-mail for additional information

4. Every week we receive new applications and there might be someone applying that is just right for you. In most cases you’ll be the first person to view these ladies prior to their appearing on the web site.

5. Contact will be made by us for up to 10 ladies over a 6 month period.

6. You will be included in our mailing list of all updates as new ladies are added should by chance we have missed a lady you like.

Since we want to be sure we can offer you value for money, and more importantly feel that we can be successful, please refer to our HELP
section for more information.





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