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We do our very best to keep our addresses current.  

The product that is sold is information only, specifically the postal mailing address information of the women who have published their personal advertisements here. Postal mailing address information is confidential. As such once the information is delivered to you, there can be no returns or refunds. Choose carefully when ordering. Postal mailing address information of these women is strictly for personal use for penpal correspondence.

After you receive your postal addresses, mail your letters. In the unlikely event you receive an invalid postal address from us, we will replace it with TWO new addresses/codes of your choice FREE OF CHARGE!  (Return to Sender, Address Unknown, Etc).  Simply send us the returned piece of mail as verification that the lady should be removed from our database. Or, you may scan it and send to us by e-mail attachment. Also include the two code numbers of the ladies that you would like as replacements. Your replacements will be sent to you the same day that we receive your claim.

We guarantee that your letter, properly addressed, stamped, etc will get to the lady. However, we make no guarantee as to how she will react to your letter. The actions of the LADIES advertised here are not guaranteed.  Whether she finds you attractive and answers your letter really depends how good a job you have done selecting a gal that matches you, and how good a first impression you made with the letter you wrote. Whether she chooses to reply or not, and what happens between the two of you as consenting adults is completely outside the scope of our information service.

The Postal mailing address information also comes with two further guarantees:  that within 30 days after purchase, the lady who published the advertisement is still accepting new pen pals and that the personal information provided by the lady materially represents her situation.

A.  In the case of a lady advising she is not accepting any new pen pals, you get TWO replacement addresses of your choice FREE OF CHARGE.  The woman must state she is not accepting ANY new pen pals; perhaps she is engaged, or no longer cares for correspondence, etc.  Just send us the written message the lady sent you, and indicate your replacement selections.  If she is accepting new pen pals but chooses not to accept you, no replacement addresses are provided.

B. In the case of material misrepresentation by the woman, you get TWO replacement addresses of your choice FREE OF CHARGE.  Just send us whatever documentation is available to indicate the situation, and indicate your replacement selections.


We DO NOT guarantee telephone numbers or email addresses.  Sometimes ladies provide this information together with their postal addresses. But, due to some factors such as inbox full, e-mail address suspended, telephone disconnection etc., we cannot guarantee these. They are provided to you FREE OR CHARGE, if available, and only when purchasing a postal (snail mail) address. Please notify us if you do happen to receive an invalid email address or phone number. We like to keep our database as current as possible.


1. The more ladies you initially choose and write to the better chance you have to find a soul mate. In the beginning select and write to many DOZENS of ladies, never just one or two.

2. Select ladies who are listed on the NEW LADIES SECTION (On the search function, check “Show New Ladies Only”). These ladies are new and as of the last bi weekly website update have NOT had their address sold for the first time yet.  You may also select other ladies on our database. They’re all UPDATED. We guarantee that ALL ladies are available and seeking pen pals. Although, some ladies have had received 5 or more letters from men, it does not MEAN that she’s NO LONGER available. A lady only will reply to a man that she finds interesting. If you are the 6th man to write her, that “interesting man” for her could be YOU. There is an instance that a lady will re-join our website after 6 months or a year. There might still some ladies you see from the past that are still there on our database and were updated. Those ladies have re-joined our website and requested their image and information be re-posted. More likely, these ladies haven’t found their ideal soul mates yet. It is not EASY for some ladies just like with some MEN. Some Men and WOMEN in the world take a LONG TIME AND JOURNEY to find the IDEAL ONES. For some it may take a FEW MONTHS but for OTHERS, it may take a YEAR or so to find that SPECIAL person.

3. Don't use her telephone number.  Write her first via postal mail, and introduce yourself. Ask her permission to call. Ask her what times; dates, and telephone numbers are best and most convenient for her to receive your call. If she agrees then your call will be welcome indeed.

4. Emails are extremely impersonal. Most women especially those with free email accounts change them regularly as they start to receive Spam and abusive messages. Introduce yourself nicely via postal mail with enclosed photographs. Start by showing that you are "for real". Once your sincerity is established, then emails work well.

5. Don't drop in.  If you are fortunate enough to travel overseas you probably will get a wonderful opportunity to meet your pen pal in person. Make sure that you are a "welcome" guest. Contact her well in advance, let her know you are coming and coordinate details together. She will probably need extra time to find a friend to "chaperone" the first meeting as well.  Dropping in, with no warning generally frightens and embarrasses the woman and her family. The worst possible way to begin a relationship is to give the impression of a stalker.

Some Tips On Corresponding With Asian Women:

  1. Send letters to as many ladies as you want. The more you send, the more chances for you to receive a reply from anyone of them.
  2. Introduce yourself properly. Don’t brag about yourself. These ladies don’t want a boastful man to correspond with. It is important to be yourself in introducing yourself to these ladies.
  3. Send a picture of yourself. Avoid sending nude shots. This can be a turn-off for them. Remember, most of these women are very religious and conservative.
  4. Help with postage costs. This is a big help to them to cover postage expenses. It is nice if you send Air Mail Stamps. (Optional Only).  Do not send cash/money as it is especially subject to loss or theft in the mail. Do not send cash/money or anything material to a lady if you're not sure about her.  It is better to know the lady longer before you decide to do this. Be cautious about ladies who are asking for money or material things. We take no responsibility with your action (men and women).
  5. Inform her about your intentions in corresponding with her. Most of these ladies are marriage-minded and they expect more than friendship.
  6. Express an interest in getting to know her better. Ask some questions about her and tell her that you’re glad to answer her future questions about you.
  7. Be sure to reply promptly to all of her letters. In most cases, it takes four to six weeks for a reply to your letter. Be patient in waiting for her reply.
  8. Write her a letter if you want to discontinue writing her.  If you feel that she is not the right girl you’re looking for, write her a letter if you decide to discontinue writing to her or to someone. In that way, she will not expect you to write her back. The best thing to do is to tell her the truth.
  9. Save all of your letters. Tell her to save all of her letters because this will help with the immigration process. The immigration will ask you for some proof that you’re corresponding or you’re engaged either by letters or by pictures together.  As a lady, she is expecting that you will be true to your promises.  Don't promise to visit her until you are willing to do so. 
  10. Write your address and their address correctly, and don’t forget to include the country on both addresses because you’re writing internationally.
We hope these tips will help you in your correspondence with Vietnam women. We wish you all the best, and if you finally find and marry the girl of your dreams, please let us know.




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