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Secrets of Dating Asian Women - A Must Read E-book for those who want to date and marry an Asian Lady !

Dear Lover of Asian Women,

Here, we strive to provide you the best services to help you find your dream woman. That's why we provide the addresses of so many beautiful Asian women who want to meet Western men. Many of you have written asking us for much more information however. These women are so beautiful, you're afraid of saying the wrong thing, of breaking some cultural taboo you've never heard of.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce to you an e-book that is the most comprehensive work on dating Asian women available. It not only covers everything you didn't know to ask about Asian women, it also covers what to do after you're married, so you and your new wife stay married in happy love together.
Also, the chapter on how to bring your foreign fiancée into the US is the most clear explanation and step by step how-to-do-it that we've ever read.

Mr. Henderson has been selling SECRETS OF DATING ASIAN WOMEN over the Internet for over 3 years for $49.95 . We told him his book is great, and we wanted the very best for our customers, and we wanted to negotiate the best deal possible for our customers. Therefore, Mr. Henderson has agreed to give our customers a big discount!! That's right, you can have the most comprehensive available guide to finding, dating, loving and marrying Asian women for only $14.95

We'll let you in on one little secret right here - some of the things Mr. Henderson writes about, are things other Asians don't WANT you to know! Because your ignorance of their thinking gives them an advantage, whether in love or business.

Secrets of Dating Asian Women
by Robert Henderson
• Do not read this report if you are married or happily attached.
• Do not read this report if you are lonely, horny, frustrated, rejected by American women and content to stay that way. If you are ready for love, happiness and sexual fulfilment and you follow my instructions, you CAN win!

I've never met you, but if you're still with me, I know you. I know how lonely, horny, frustrated and rejected by American women you feel. I know you because I've been you. I remember that horrible, aching tangible emotional pain.
Look around. It doesn't take a genius to see that finding long-term happiness with an American woman is harder now than ever before. Some guys do -- eventually -- find American women they love, or with whom they're reasonably compatible. My hat is off to them, because they've beaten tremendous odds.
But the national explosion in dating and singles services shows that the lack of romantic fulfilment is a national crisis. With every year that passes, your value as a potential husband or lover goes down.
I've had my share of lonely nights, snobbish put-downs and oh so nice break-ups ("We'll always remain good friends, won't we?" Sound familiar?) But I've also known better. I've been to Paradise, and I want to help guide you there.
You're ready for a change. That puts you above the crowd of lonely, horny, frustrated and rejected men who accept their empty lives. Like me years ago, you want better than that, and now you've taken the first step toward finding your own personal Paradise. Yes, you can do it. In the course I tell you how I did it in three months.

They are gorgeous, graceful, respectful of themselves and other people, courteous, fun-loving, understanding of men's natural sexual needs (sometimes including variety), pleasant, faithful, gentle, not as concerned with men's age or physical condition and, not least of all, charming to a degree so incredible that it is simply impossible to truly communicate in writing.
All that, I didn't even mention the most obvious -- they're the most beautiful women on Earth.

I explore everything you need to know to capture your dream woman in depth. I explain the many options you the Asia-phile have. In your quest to find Paradise here on Earth you must make many decisions. I make sure they are informed ones.
I explain the advantages and disadvantages of each possible situation so you can decide for yourself what is best for you. I explain the relevant law and give you many practical tips. I cover the many do's and don'ts you should be aware of. There certainly are cultural differences between Asians and Americans. Innocent misunderstandings can create hurt feelings on both sides and destroy relationships. I teach you how to avoid them and build a deeper and more powerful emotional bond between you.
I explain things as simply, clearly and completely as possible.

How can I do that? Because I myself have already made most of the possible mistakes already.
I give you the benefit of the lessons I have learned from over fifteen years of experience dating Asian women both in America and overseas, including my eight-year marriage to a Thai woman. I currently have a Filipino girlfriend. I have travelled to and dated women both in The Philippines and Thailand. I love the people, especially the women, of both countries. I have also visited and researched other Asian countries.
"Thanks, Bob. I asked some motherly advice about Asian women. (Gary is Filipino-American). She mentioned things which are on your disk! "It may be a few years until I go to The Philippines and Japan, but this time I will have the tools to make it happen. You know what, you are the only one who has given me sound advice period!!!! Thanks again for taking the time with me."
-- Gary Valencia, Whiting, NJ

There are other books out there, but my course is by far the most comprehensive.

• The reality behind the major stereotypes and myths concerning Asian women -- your best defence against gold diggers -- why pseudo-feminists hate Asian women and the men who love them -- Lesson 3
• A crash course in Asian history and customs, including sexuality and second wives, so you understand your woman -- Lessons 4 through 8
• Asian social behaviour -- Understand how Asians think of 'face,' and learn to see below the surface of Asian behaviour and conversations -- Lessons 9 through 13
• How to change your self-image so you are confident at picking up Asian women. What attitude you need to have to be successful with Asian women in America and Asia, when picking them up directly and throughout your relationship -- how I captured my wife (She was my dream woman for that stage of my life, anyway.) in three months -- Lesson 14
• Why and why not to date Asian-American women -- The factors that will influence your choice -- A window of opportunity for sex and romance with outstanding Asian-American women is just beginning to open -- soon, tens of thousands of beautiful potential romantic partners will be available -- they will have most of the advantages of Asian-Asian women but without most of the disadvantages -- who are they? -- how to meet, date and marry Asian-Americans -- Lessons 15 through 18
• Why and why not to date Asian-Asian women -- Lesson 19
• Why, why not, when and how to use correspondence companies -- Lesson 20
• Practical travel advice you won't find in guidebooks, including the latest scam in Thailand and how to protect yourself from it -- Lesson 21, 22 and 24
• Why and why not to go to Asia on a tour -- how the tour companies can help you even if you want romance, not a bar girl. -- Lesson 23
• Why and why not to consider experienced Asian women -- how to find the ones most likely to return your love -- Lesson 25
• No matter how tough-hearted you think you are, you're no match for an Asian con-woman after your money. Reading Lesson 26 could save you thousands of dollars. It cost me that much to learn just what's in this one lesson!
• How to find the nice ladies, what to expect when you do and how to behave -- A shortcut to finding a virgin who wants to marry a Western man. This technique can save you a lot of precious time on your short vacation -- Lesson 27
• Common sense advice about AIDS and the low-down on AIDS tests. Don't let the media scare you with lies and damned statistics. The real epidemic is here in America among gays and IV drug users, NOT Southeast Asia. But don't be careless either -- Lesson 28
• Step by step immigration procedures from the paperwork you need to obtain from the INS before you leave home until she receives her permanent green card. This lesson is the most comprehensive and detailed, yet straightforward, accurate and easy to follow explanation of a complicated subject that I have seen. I can't make government requirements and paperwork simple, but if you read this lesson carefully and follow it step by step, you probably won't need an expensive lawyer -- you'll also find out when you do need to call in an expensive lawyer. What to do if you request is turned down. -- Lesson 31
• Marriage customs you better know in advance -- Lesson 32
• How to stay married. Other books I've read on Asian women assume that after you jump through all the INS hoops and marry, you live happily ever after. I know that's not true. You had to take cultural differences into account to find and marry her. Those cultural differences are even more important after the honeymoon. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it is even more important if you don't want to become a divorce statistic. -- Lesson 33
• Lessons focusing on the concerns of African-American men, Asian-American men, physically challenged men and women (Yes, for Western women who want to date Asian women) -- Lessons 34 through 37
• The seven most important sentences you'll need to say in the four most important Asian languages for Western romance-seekers -- Lesson 38
• A list of many other sources of materials, many of them hard to locate, from books to videotapes, correspondence companies and tour guides -- Lesson 39

What you will not get from this course is advice on being a "sex tourist". There are magazines and books that are good at telling you which bars have the best looking women, what to pay them etc. I do list sources for further information, but my course itself does not in any way promote the sex industries of Asia. I stay away from anything that could be interpreted as obscene.
I believe that most men are far more interested in love and romance than sex for sale. Therefore, this course is for ordinary guys like yourself who are looking for an extended relationship. Who can't be a glamorous international adventurer because you have to go to work every day, but you still want the emotional and sexual fulfilment American women no longer provide. You're willing to go to the ends of the Earth to find a fantastic wife, but you have to return to Anytown USA to support her.

Although the wrong Asian woman can cost you a lot, the right one will put you in Paradise. And I'd still rather have a 'wrong' Asian woman than no Asian woman at all. (And I know what I'm speaking about here, believe me.) For no matter what the few 'wrong' ones cost me in money and grief, they also gave me tons of pleasure and good times in return. I've known joy and pleasure beyond compare.

The only thing I would change if I could is that I would have started much earlier in my life and not made so many mistakes. That's why I've written this course, so you will have the knowledge to search intelligently and avoid the major pitfalls. But absolutely the worst mistake I made was not starting many years sooner.
I guarantee there is an Asian woman who is right for you no matter whether you're old or young, short or tall, thin or fat, rich or poor, handsome or ugly -- probably a million of them. The problem is finding her and getting together with her. That's why I wrote my course. Read it, study it, visualize success and practice its methods and principles.
It is true that this course is not for every man. Many are satisfied to live a dull, half-miserable life chasing after women who treat them like dogs. Some don't appreciate the beauty, femininity and charm of Asian women. Some are cowed by femi-maoist propaganda and believe that happiness with an Asian woman is politically incorrect.
If any of those descriptions fit you, I feel sorry for you and hope you get over it soon. SECRETS is for men ready to find love, happiness and sexual fulfilment and who appreciate the greatest women on this planet.
When you diligently apply the knowledge and techniques found in THE SECRETS OF DATING ASIAN WOMEN, you are far ahead of the game. The biggest mistake you could possibly make would be to not try. Follow my instructions and win your dream woman NOW!
Remember the high price I have paid to acquire this knowledge. A marriage and divorce. The expense of travelling to Asia many times. Lesson 26 alone cost me thousands of dollars. Altogether, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and nearly twenty years to learn the SECRETS OF

But you can reap the benefit of my experience and research for less than you'd spend on one dinner-and-movie date.
You could obtain some of the information in SECRETS by tracking down, buying and reading many books and obscure magazines, but even the ones easily obtainable would total more than $14.95.

You could answer tour company and/or correspondence company ads, but there are many of them, and some are small and none advertise all in one place. In SECRETS you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using these services, and how to pick the ones most likely to suit your needs and preferences. Sending your hard-earned money to the wrong company would be very expensive.
Much of the information in SECRETS can be found only in the streets of Manila, Bangkok and other Asian cities, and you'd be lucky if the only price you paid for it were financial. My insights, organization and strategies are not available anyplace else at any price. Many men go through their entire lives feeling lonely, empty and unloved. Is that what you want? How much is love worth to you? How much marriage to a beautiful woman? How much sexual fulfilment? Happiness? If none of these things are as important to you as $14.95, you're right, this course is NOT for you.

It's really very simple. Either you want to win a lifetime of love, happiness and sexual fulfilment with your dream Asian woman or you don't. Either you want to stop feeling lonely, heartbroken and sexually frustrated or you don't. Either you are one of the winners of the world who refuse to settle for anything but the best, especially the best woman or women. Or you're one of the losers drifting through life, letting the opinions of other people control your destiny, not caring about what would make you truly happy and fulfilled.
At this time SECRETS is available only on disk, published with the award-winning Writer's Dream DOS software, or in a word processor version or ASCII. Your choice.
We've sold SECRETS online for nearly four years with no complaints from customers, and only a few returns, most of them because they wanted a paper book..

By reading this you've proven that you are ready for a change. Dare to take the next step. Don't look back thirty or forty years from now, a bitter and lonely old man, and say to yourself, "If only I had searched for an Asian woman like I wanted to, I would have had years of happiness."
Don't be one of the many who will live their lives wishing for joy but never daring to reach out for it. Don't let your tombstone read: "Lived a lonely, boring and mostly celibate life in Racine, Wisconsin." If you follow my instructions and don't give up, you will find happiness with your own Asian Angel in one year or less.
Don't miss out. Don't delay your happiness. Click on the link below. You have sixty days (360 days) to examine it at no risk. There's no obligation to you, and all orders will be shipped right away. (Disclaimer: except when I'm on a "research" trip to Asia. Then I ship all orders as soon as I return - I do that before I unpack.).
Yours for love, happiness and sexual fulfilment,
-- Bob

PS. Don't delay. The sooner you send for this course, the sooner you can use its unique information to capture your Asian dream woman and attain the love and sexual satisfaction you deserve -- NOW!
"I've learned some valuable things from the SECRETS disk, and it helps explain why it seems to be so different in approaching Asian women. I want to thank you for your lengthy and considerate advice, especially concerning the current object of my affection."
-- R. S., Kingston NY

TO ORDER: Only $14.95
Fill out the necessary information on the Secure Order Form and lower down on the form you will find Secrets of Asian women (e-book). Check that box and submit your order. Your order will be sent to you by e-mail attachment.
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