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A few of the other lucky ladies who found their soulmates this year.

Thursday, October 16, 2003 12:18 PM

Thank you. And by the way, I met a wonderful Thai woman through your
service. I visited her for two weeks in Thailand in September. We had a
fantastic time together and are now engaged. Thailand is wonderful
country, as are the Thai people. I am a very lucky man.

Thanks again,

Thank you for the address. Your services are great and quick. keep up the good work.

Cliff Hagerman


Happy to inform you that Miss Siriporn Kunthueng is now married and you
can remove the add from your site.
Siriporn is living in Sydney and we are very happy.



It is a plesure for us that you will put us in your testimonial page.We here send a picture of us at our marriage 29/12-2000. I hope more people than me have same luck with ladyes from your site.

My name is Ståle Folkvord, and i am maried to one of the ladies on your site. The ladye are Panujnard Yopo(TLPY-01). We maried 29/12-00 and would like you to take her away from your site,she now stay in Norway with me.
I would thank you for this werry nice site, with this site i found a fantastic ladie to spend rest of my life with.

Best whishes from
Ståle and Panujnard Folkvord


My name is Ståle Folkvord, and i am maried to one of the ladies on your site. The ladye are Panujnard Yopo(TLPY-01).
We maried 29/12-00 and would like you to take her away from your site,she now stay in Norway with me.
I would thank you for this werry nice site, with this site i found a fantastic ladie to spend rest of my life with.

Best whishes from
Ståle and Panujnard Folkvord

re: TLLB-02 -- LOYDA, Bhantira


Thank you so much for all your help to me !! Through your service, I met someone right for me already right now,then we met each other by Who is that I found and I met that one,so,we are very happy to met eacther and to be joyful together and then again thank you so much. I want to inform you know that please delete my profile as soon as possible.! Because I'm very lucky that I can found someone very good guy.

Thank God I found him and thank you very much




please remove Wasana Khem (TLWK 02 from your list she in the U.S now and we will be married 18/5 01




Dear Sirs,


I would be obliged if you would remove the particulars of Lamai (Ref. TLLS-03) from your site.


Lamai and I were married on October 7th in Udon Thani and the marriage was registered at the Amphur Office in Udon Thani on the October 10th.


Thanking you in anticipation of your early action


J. W.




please remove my ad...I have found my choice for a wife. Thank you for your

John R.



Atitaya Sirishon, No. AS-04 and I were married earlier this month

please remove her listing.

Larry M.


Sawadee dear ladies,

I hereby ask you to REMOVE my picture and data from your MEN'S SECTION as soon as possible.

I fond, by your medium a very nice woman I want to share the rest of my life with.

Please give me a confirmation!

Your sincerely,


Copy to Jeeraporn Channarong. 



Dear Sir or Madam,

Several months ago I submitted a men's ad to your Thai Ladies web site.

And I have been very happy with the results. There are still two months or so

to run in the length of my ad, but I respectfully request that you withdraw

my ad.



hello how are you,long time without news,well here i am, and happy too, thanks to you, coz thanks to you i found my real lifepartner, Kob, its now since februari, we are happyly married and living together here in belgium and if you alow me, i d like to ask you a question, as Kob has i sister, still living in Khorat, Kob and i were thinking, that you could give her sister, perhaps, the same chance to find for her also, a good husband, and if possible, living in the northern part of belgium, not to far from gent, our actual place, so please tell me how Ying,
Kob s sister, could join your club, under the same conditions, you made for Kob

please give me an answer at your convieniance,i can give you on return, all info you might need concerning Ying

friendly yours

frank D



I corresponded with TL135 after receiving her address from you, and I would like to let you know that Miss Jaemjan and I are now married.

Thank You,




Hello from sunny England

I just wanted you to know that things between me and Nanthiya are progressing well, and we are in contact on the phone and by mail.

I will let you know how it goes when I visit Thailand in November 2000, as we are trying to arrange spending our vacation together.

This is all because I contacted Thailadies, and saw Nanthiyas beautiful smile.

So keep up the good work.

Thank you

Simon x

Dear Thailadies,

Just a short note to say thank you for all your help! I joined your service several months back and met a wonderful Thai lady! we have been corresponding now for some time, I recently visited Bangkok and was able to spend two GREAT weeks with Thicha. I am also happy to inform you that we will be getting married in June! she has also requested that you remove her file from your service. Her member number is 593 Chonthicha Emgosa. She also wants to send you her many thanks and appreciation. Again thank you for all your help! without your service none of this would have been possible! your service was well worth the initial $20.00 investment.

Craig Schuler

Hello Thailadies,
Now I am married with mrs Wilunraphun and she stay in Germany. We will say
thank you to you for your good service!
Thomas Freischlad and Patchayaporn Wilunraphun

Sawasdee Khrap,
Please remove my advert from you pages as I have now found my Thai bride. I am John King in group 8 of the men's section
Thank you for your helping me to find happiness

Dear Miss Joy,

Maybe you will be astonished by my long silence and my sudden e-mail to you but I have good news to announce to you, and that good news is thanks to your help and the help of your agency as from now Miss Tassanee Sutthipprapha, has a new name, as we wed officially on 14 Februari of this year so please be so kind to remove Kop from your file or put at least the mention, not available, just newly wed.
For your info miss Kop is part of list 24-14, under the number 489
please so kind if giving info on your web , only to tell she wed a
Belgian, but DO NOT MENTION MY NAME, P L E A S E hope you understand, and thanks ahead, for you diligence, and once more for your help, would it not have been for your help, it would not have been possible

yours friendly
Name Withheld by customer request

May 27, 2000

This is to inform you that lady no. 471
Pattareya Puttaraksa is to be married in the
town of Sisket on May 31 of this year.
She would like her picture removed from the 
Thai ladies web site.

We thank you very much for your wonderful service.
We would not have met had it not been for your web site

Thank you,

Bill Becker
Honolulu Hi.

Pattareya Puttaraksa
Patum Thani Thailand

Dear Sirs,

My name is Richard F. Timm and I have used your service for almost 2 months in the men's section. Within a few days of the first posting I received an email which turned out to be my perfect match. Since then I have traveled to Thailand and met the most beautiful lady, (in heart skin and mind), in the world. She has high morals and will succeed in anything she does and has such similar interests as me it is remarkable! We are a perfect match and I will marry her next month. Thanks to your service, I have found a match made in heaven. I no longer wish to have my profile or pictures listed on the following websites. Would you remove them immediately please? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Also from, Group 3, name: Richard F. Timm, my picture is listed with the individual named Craig Roberts directly below my profile - please remove my picture from his profile as well.

Thank you for helping me find true love on your sites.




I would like to say that through "Thai Ladies" I have really found the Love of my Life and thank you so much!!

She is a beautiful Thai Lady and I have never been o happy, thank you you guys!!

We corresponded for a few weeks then I flew to Thailand and we met. Unfortunately we had a very limited time together, but it was fantastic!!!

I am now back in New Zealand and we are corresponding alot. I will be returning to Thailand in the first week of October and hopefully we will organize our life together. We both have children which will not make it easy, but I am 100% sure it will all work out really well.

I am truely in love with her and I am sure she loves me to. Isn't that just the greatest?

Thank you for everything!!!




Please delete Miss Neatrada Throngket,ref TLNT 04 from you records
We are about to be married
Thank you for the introduction
your sincerely
William Craddock
Nong Y
Please send me your confirmation, thank you





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