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Thai Basic Language

Thai language is an ancient Indian languages that belongs to the Tai language family, a subgroup of the Kadai or Kam-Tai family. A number of linguists now regard Kam-Tai, along with Austronesian, as a branch of Austro-Tai, although this hypothesis remains controversial. It has also influenced by various Chinese dialects and by Malay.  The modern Thai alphabet contains 44 consonants, 24 vowels and 5 tones.  And since many of Thai people still do not know how to speak English it is better for you to learn their language if you will visit their country.

Greetings Hello -- sa-wad-dee How are you? -- sa-bai-dee-rue What's your name? -- khun-chue-arai I understand -- kao-jai Nice to meet you -- yin-dee-ti-dai-ru-jug Goodbye -- la-gon I am fine -- sa-bai-dee My name is ....... -- chan chue ....... I don't understand -- mai-kao-jai See you again -- laew-phob-kan-mai

Social Conversations What's your nick name? -- mi-chue-len-mai I am from....... -- ma-jag....... Where is your home? -- ban-khun-yuu-ti-nai Where do you work? -- khun-tam-ngan-ti-nai Do you have family? -- mee-krob-krua-rue-yang I speak very little Thai -- pood-pa-sa-thai-nid-noi Please speak slower -- garuna-pood-cha-cha Could you repeat that please? -- garuna-pood-sum-ig-ti Do you speak English? -- khun-pood-pa-sa-angrid-dai-mai

Directions Go -- pai Stop -- yud Wait -- raw-koi Turn - leeo Left -- sai Right - kwaa Straight -- trong-pai Back -- glab Slow -- cha Near -- glai Far -- klaih Next to -- yu-tid-gab Here -- tee-nee There -- tee-non/tee-nan Opposite -- trong-kaam

Dates Monday -- wan-jan Tuesday -- wang-ang-kaan Wednesday -- wan-phut Thursday -- wan-paruehat Friday -- wan-suk Saturday -- wan-sao Sunday -- wan-athit Today -- wan-ni Tonight -- kuen-ni Tomorrow -- proong-ni Yesterday -- muea-waan-ni Second -- wi-na-tee Minute -- na-tee Hour -- chua-mong Day -- wan Week -- sub-da Month -- duean Year -- pee





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