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Wedding Traditions in Thailand

Before wedding bells can be heard in Thailand, the couple getting married prepares food for the monks. In return, the monks will give the bride and groom a blessing. Usually, we will have a Monk Blessing at the house of the bride or the bridegroom (which will be the place for the event) in the morning. It is a Thai marriage ritual for the bride and groom to sit together on the floor; each with their hands pressed together, fingers pointing up under their chins. A chain of flowers also links the couple’s hands. The oldest relative leads the wedding ceremony and to wish the couple luck, he dips their hands in a conch shell containing water. Their parents and other guests will then do the same

Wedding ceremonies in Thailand usually include only relatives and close friends of the couple.

In rural areas, an elderly couple may arrange the bridal bed for the newlyweds and leave good luck         tokens such as; rice, sesame seeds and coins. This Thai wedding custom symbolizes good luck and    fertility. Then the newly wed couple lives happily together and starts the new stage of their life together.





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