Meet the Women of Thailand

Thai ladies are more conservative than women in many other countries and observe different customs.  You will gain a lot of respect and avoid embarrassment in Thailand if you follow Thai social rules and customs. Be careful not to embarrass your lady.  Holding hands, hugging or kissing in public, for example, are not permitted.  Never lose your temper or speak out of line in Thailand. Always show respect for Buddhist monks, temples and statues of the Buddha. Never touch a child’s head and never point at anything with your foot. Just a few simple rules to remember.  Thailand is  called the land of smiles so smile a lot and enjoy the wonderfully positive atmosphere around you.

Thailand is in the tropical zone. It is quite hot there from April through October but from November to March the climate is very enjoyable. Compared with city dwellers in western countries, city residents in Thailand dress conservatively.  Casual dress is acceptable in resort areas but sandals and shorts are not allowed in the cities, temples and in some restaurants.  Always remove your shoes before entering a temple (wat) or someone’s house.

When travelling around Thailand, it is a good idea to use private transport and ride in an air-conditioned vehicle. Such transport is very affordable and travel arrangements can be made through a travel agent or at your hotel.  Travelling in comfort is an easy way to see the country and it will give you time to get to know your lady. Let her be your guide and show you the sights.  We strongly suggest you learn some basic Thai words and expressions such as those listed on this web site. The locals are usually very helpful and you can make friends easily.

Thailand is a great country to visit so relax and enjoy the atmosphere, the food and, of  course, the company of your lady.

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